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Sustainable stone gratings, which can be customized and are decisively resistant, suitable for garden architecture, for street furniture and for original design solutions. In this page, we are glad to introduce our Green Box, the most modern and interesting evolutions of stone gratings.


/ Timeless creations

An innovative modular system, an ancient principle

The possible applications of Green Box are numerous, from standard to tailor-made models. Moreover, Ancient Romans exploited the principle of stone gratings, in weaving willow branches together to create baskets to fill with stones. These were used to build containment walls, to fence lands and to embellish their rich gardens.

/ Maximum customization

The strength of steel, the charm of stone

Green Boxes represent the most modern evolution of stone baskets. These are steel gratings, perfectly welded and without any joints for a maximum resistance. This particular modular system has been patented by the Austrian company WP Gabionen. Thanks to the strong partnership built in time with this company located in Enns, Centro Pietra Living can boost the exclusivity to realize and trade the modular system Green Box on the Italian market. It is important to bear in mind that these boxes can be filled with the classical natural stone blocks but also with cobblestones and granulate of different types; customization is at the top.

The advantages of Green Box

/ The thousand applications of Green Boxes

The thousand applications of Green Boxes

Over the years, we have realized and installed Green Boxes for the most different uses. Among the traditional applications, we can find fences, which change enclosures into an intriguing decoration element, into extremely urban contexts such as green areas. These stone gratings are often used as wall claddings, while sometimes they take charge of ground containment, embankment or ridges. We have installed some customized and monumental Green Boxes to make parks and garden unique and we have realized some stone gratings to fence some parking lots with a greater touch of class.