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Passion, experience, innovative techniques and respect for tradition: Centro Pietra Living, the fashion house of natural stone.


Passion, experience, innovative techniques and respect for tradition: Centro Pietra Living, the fashion house of natural stone.

Primo amore

/ A passion that lasts over time

First love

The origins of Centro Pietra Living date back over time. It started when Omar Sartori was young and found in his garage the old tools of his grandfather Pietro, a miner and a stonecutter. Thus, while his peers played football or speeded with their mopeds along the streets, Omar tested himself with the first stone frames and the first mosaics. It is the beginning of a passion which is continuing also today.

/ Always natural stone

The birth and evolution of Centro Pietra Living

The love for natural stone does not end on a playful side. In 2004, Omar started Centro Pietra, together with a business partner. This is a first workshop devoted to the processing and the sale of stone. This adventure has continued for 10 years, until the two business partners, strong with their experience developed through time, decided to carry on separately. Omar wished to focus particularly on the processing of wall stones and on slabs of natural stone and started Centro Pietra Living in 2014.

Nascita ed evoluzione

/ Your stone is already here

Our showroom

This is not an ordinary place. The perfection of combinations, the creativity of designs, the wide range of offered stones; this is what customer may expect when visiting Centro Pietra Living showroom, at Ospedaletto. A real fashion house of stone, which recalls and enhances the ancient art of stonecutter. Visiting our showroom, a few steps from our workshop where we process the most interesting stones of our territory, it is possible to admire unique and original claddings, floors and furniture, modulated by the incomprehensible veins of the stone as well as, obviously, by the experience of stone artists.

/ An offer which stands up to any challenge

Centro Pietra Living is supplying from more than 20 mines, boosting outstanding exclusivity agreements with some of them. But this is not all. Our workshop can count on the most innovative and skilled processing techniques, thanks to our wide machinery inventory and the unique skills of our team, which Omar has put together year after year. The result is a wide range of choice of natural stones, creating an unrivalled offer.


/ Alongside the customer

From processing to laying

What faces natural stone to enrich staircases, walls, gardens, columns or living rooms is a long path which starts from the hard mother rock. Far from dealing only with the processing and the sale of this fascinating material, Centro Pietra Living is at customer’s side also in the following steps, thanks to the cooperation with some of the best installers in the area.The installer also makes the difference and for this reason it is crucial to rely on the most talented and expert artisans.

/ straight to the goal

Perfection is not a detail

The most appropriate stone, the perfect corner, the correct stone flake, the ideal combination. The aim of Centro Pietra Living is to become the reference workshop for the processing and the sale of stone in Trentino-Alto Adige. This target is always closer not only for the wide-ranging offer of materials and for the cooperation with the best artisans, but also and most of all for the great attention for details, from the workshop to the laying.



Omar Sartori

General Director and Production Manager

Andrea Gottardo

Sales director

Roberto Gabrielli

Area Manager

Lara Bertoldi

Administration Office

Headquarters sales manager

Gisela Capra

Administration Office

Communication Manager

Marco Montibeller

Warehouse Manager


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