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Handy roll 80 cm wide x 15 metres long








DrySystem is an installation system that ensures constantly dry, ventilated walls, suitable for any type of cladding, masonry or plaster. The DrySystem supply package comprises four items:
ZincoRete 2,5
Fastening Plugs
DrySystem is ideal for both new construction and renovation projects. It is particularly suitable for glue-installed claddings such as natural or manufactured stone, face brick-slips, klinker or ceramic tiles, full stone or full face brick walls and plaster.
It can be applied on any type of substrate: brick, cement block, reinforced concrete, wood, etc. It is perfect for cladding reinforced concrete basement walls where rising damp or groundwater creepage is expected or probable.
DrySystem creates a protective layer for the cladding, preventing problems such as mould, saline efflorescence or detachment of the covering.
When cladding the outside walls of homes, where the masonry must be allowed to breathe, DrySystem allows the condensation formed inside the building to disperse. For the renovation of old masonry, where damp has caused the plaster to crumble or damaged the cladding.






  1. Dryvent: in recycled plastic, with a 10mm-pitch profile with tiny fissures which allow horizontal and vertical ventilation. Prebonded to a breathable but water-repellent polyester membrane. It is lightweight and easy to bend for any type of substrate.
  2. Water-repellent polyester membrane.
  3. ZincoRete 2,5: this is the galvanised iron support for any type of cladding and plaster, supplied in rolls of 100 cm by 12 metres for easy storage and shipment..
  4. Fastening Plugs: used to anchor and support the entire wall.
  5. Adhesive: a rendering coat which covers the mesh to create the substrate to which the cladding is glued.
  6. Soffio: L-shaped element, also made of recycled plastic, with the same profile as the Dryvent and laid behind it to aid air circulation and provide drainage of moisture and residual water.




DrySystem Installation Method:


Fix the Dryvent sheath to the wall for cladding, in horizontal rows (grooves running vertical), with the water-repellent membrane facing outwards. Work from the ground upwards, turning the joint flap back, and fit L-shaped Soffio elements every 50 cm along the base of the wall, behind the Dryvent.





Continue in horizontal rows until the whole wall has been covered, placing each joint flap over the row of sheath beneath.To complete the wall, apply the Zincorete fixing it above the sheath with the fastening plugs provided. Then apply a coat of the Special Adhesive to cover the mesh and create the substrate to which the cladding will be fixed.

colla Special Grout
Certified efflorescence-proof,
specially formulated for claddings,
it is available in 4 colours. The larger grain size
provided by the use of sands in the mixture provides
an attractive "antique" effect. Ideal for full face bricks,
brick slips and natural
and reconstituted stones.

Special Adhesive
Specially created for fixing brick slips
and natural and reconstituted stone.