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Green Box Stone Gabions



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Gabions (from Italian gabbione meaning 'baskets') were originally made from plaited willow and were an extremely popular method of enclosing properties, erecting supporting walls or improving the appearance of gardens and streets as long ago as ancient Roman times.

In 2011 Centro Pietra Living, Italian leader in the processing and distribution of natural stones, in direct partnership with the Austrian firm WP Gabionen, established an internal division for the exclusive construction and sales of the innovative GREEN BOX modular system on the Italian market. .

GREEN BOX is intended specifically for garden architecture, street furniture and landscapes and has become a benchmark in natural, modular construction technology. It involves the architectural and structural combination of specific standard modules or personalised modules tailor-made to the customer’s individual requirements.

Evolution Ecobox Stone GabionsEvolution Ecobox Stone Gabions








- Under the unique, amazing principle applied for the construction of the patented modular system, the gabion elements are seamlessly, securely welded together, using a highly innovative method;
- very stable even if the ground settles, with natural water drainage guaranteed;
- 100% eco-sustainable, since they are made from completely recyclable materials;
- mechanically filled on site using a mechanical grab (saving time and money), with any type of natural stone, such as round river stones or various natural quarried stones (granite, limestone, marble ...);
- high degree of customisation, with products made to the specified shape and size even in small lots;
- unbeatable integration with existing garden fences.




Ornamentation and construction of:

  • Garden walls and fences
  • Façades
  • Car parks
  • Gardens 
  • Public Parks
  • Gold Courses
  • Zoo
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Corporate Grounds
  • Swimming-Pools
  • Objects such as obelisks, columns, garden furniture, gazebos ...
  • Playgrounfs

Construction of:

  • Noise barriers
  • Watercourse gradient correction and management
  • Recycling stations
  • Retainer walls
  • Various types of enclosure