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Centro Pietra Living chooses the various types of stone from the quarries to be sent to its workshop for processing. A skilled workforce and a special focus on occupational health and safety have always been fundamental to its operations.
Our products are outstanding thanks to extreme attention to details, the continual search for top grade materials and above all the creation of custom-designed pieces; design, composition and installation are handled meticulously by the company's own highly skilled staff.

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With teamwork that guarantees the customer the best possible result for any type of project. The company offers its customers a vast range of products. Thanks to our workmen’s experience we produce any type of shaped piece to the customer’s requirements. We organise installation and supply materials for consumers, retailers, builders’ merchants and construction firms providing them with a complete, high quality service.

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We offer a full range of solutions for masonry and cladding, street furnishing and the construction industry. We process marbles for indoor and outdoor use, mosaics and marbles of any shape and size, as well as stone garden furnishings. Anyone wishing to use stone can contact us and will find expertise and a staff who are always at their service to resolve any working requirements. Centro Pietra Living, professionalism, tradition and quality in stoneworking. Come and Pay Us a Visit!